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Trinity Knot Wedding Rings - History and meaning of this classic design.

Irish Baby Names - Boys and Girls names with definitions, origin and pronunciation.

The Top 5 Irish Symbols - Stories behind those famous symbols of Irish culture.

The History And Origin Of Claddagh Rings - The popular heart and hands design is associated with an old village that once existed Galway, but it's origins go back many centuries.

Irish Jewelry Store - A selection of cool Irish & Celtic jewelry, from $1,000 to as little as $9.

Celtic Knot Jewelry - Our editors chose the best buys in Celtic knot pendants, rings, bracelets and more.

Celtic Cross Jewelry - History of Celtic crosses, and a great selection of Celtic cross rings, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry.

Free Celtic Cross Clipart - Celtic cross designs you can use in your next Irish clipart design project.

Free Irish Clipart - Horizotal Celtic knot designs for free download.

Lesser-known legends behind the Irish Claddagh Ring design - Historians attach a number of different stories to the famous "heart and hands" design.

St Patricks Day Gifts - Funny hats, decorations, recipes and more for the big party day.

Pictures of Ireland - Photographs of the fields, villages and people in Ireland.

Ireland Blog - Links and stories from all around the Irish web.

Craic Head T Shirt - Men's and women's versions of our top selling shirt.

Sunday Drive In Ireland T Shirt - Funny shirt about driving along the Irish coast!

All Drunks Are Dead Men Yeats T Shirt - Something to think about next time you're drinking, care of the great poet Yeats.

Ireland Blog Archive - Two - Continuation of our blog of Irish news and culture.

Ireland Blog Archive - Three - More back articles on Irish newbriefs, political life and cultural changes.

Wild Irish T Shirts - Funny pictures, sayings from Ireland and Irish jokes you can wear.

Our Privacy Policy - Why it's safe to subscribe to our ezine and Irish Crossings.

Roundup Of Irish Blogs & Newsfeeds - What's happening in Ireland right now, and what people are saying about it.

Irish Blessings and Toasts - For weddings or any other occasion.

Online Graduate Degrees - Opportunities for adult learners to get a masters or other advanced degree from recommended online schools.

How I Built A Successful Website - The reason I decided to bring Ireland-Fun-Facts into existence.

Build A Site Like This - A step-by-step guid to how a non-technical person can build a real web business.

Tips and Fun Facts

Ireland Resources - Resources you can use for Irish travel, news, genealogy and music information.

Ireland Travel Tips - Ireland travel tips for your first visit to Ireland.

Ireland Facts Irish Words and Meanings - Explanations of the old Irish origins of some modern phrases, and current-day words that came out of the Gaelic language.

Ireland Facts - Interesting facts about Irish history, politics, people, geography, population, laws and also Ireland's influence on America.

Republic of Ireland Facts - In-depth reference guide to Ireland's economy, landscape, transportation system, population, climate and more.

Modern Ireland Facts - Ireland is just as wild and interesting today as it ever was. Tons of interesting facts about contemporary Irish life.

Government of Ireland Facts - Overview of the structure of Ireland's government, diplomatic facts, election schedules and description of Ireland's flag and time zones.

Irish Taoiseachs since 1932 - A full list of the "Taoiseachs" or Prime Ministers who have governed Ireland since it became independent from Britain.

Online Map of Ireland - A road map you can use to plan driving routes next time you visit Ireland.

Ireland Golf Resources, useful links for planning your Ireland golf vacation.

YouTube Ireland, videos, some serious and some humorous, posted by people with an interest in Ireland.

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Ireland travel, unusual places to visit - Unusual places to visit in Ireland, scenic trips Ireland, including Northern Ireland.

Irish culture, traditions, customs of Ireland that live on. Irish holidays, Celtic legends and celebrations - Traditions of Ireland, famous people from Ireland,

Modern Ireland - Life in Ireland today, including modern culture, news and economic updates

Ireland Golf Vacations - A review of some of the greatest dream links in Ireland.

Irish Music Articles and Reviews - Interviews with traditional Irish musicians and reviews of new CDs.

Story Archive - Our full list of stories available to Ireland Fun Facts members.

Irish Crossings - Where our readers tell us their stories about Ireland.