Free Irish Clipart:
Horizontal Celtic Knots

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These horizontal celtic knot graphics are here to use as clipart for any Celtic graphic design work you may be doing. All free Irish clipart graphics here are in the public domain, and have, to the best of our knowledge, been released for free unlimited usage by the public.

Instructions: To download free Irish clipart graphics (all are .jpegs), place your cursor over the design, right click, scroll to "save as" and save to your computer.

Basic horizontal Celtic knot design:
free irish clipart

Rounded Celtic line or rope knot:
celtic knot clipart

Here's a slighly more layered, complex Celtic knot clipart design:
celtic knot graphic

Unusual keychain style piece of free Irish clipart:
irish knot clipart

Slightly rounded-corner design:
free irish clip art

The simplest version of the Celtic line knot:
celtic horizontal knot

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