Irish Taoiseachs
From 1932 To Today

The Taoiseach (literally, "chief" in Irish or Gaelic) is the head of the Irish Government - The Prime Minister. This office came into being after the first Irish Constitution was adopted 1937.

De Valera is listed as occupying this office from 1932, because he was made President of the Executive Council in 1932. His formation of the first Fianna Fáil government at that time is seen as the beginning of the end of the "Irish Free State," an entity that was actually still under British control. Ireland was not officially proclaimed a free and fully independent nation until the Constitution was adopted in 1937.

Each Taoiseach is listed along with the political party he came from:

Eamon De Valera 1932-1948 (Died 1975) Fianna Fáil

John A. Costello 1948-1951 (Died 1976) Fine Gael

Eamon De Valera 1951-1954 (Died 1975) Fianna Fáil

John A. Costello 1954-1957 (Died 1976) Fine Gael

Eamon De Valera 1957-1959 (Died 1975) Fianna Fáil

Sean F. Lemass 1959-1966 (Died 1971) Fianna Fáil

Jack M. Lynch 1966-1973 Fianna Fáil

Liam Gosgrave 1973-1977 Fine Gael

Jack M. Lynch 1977-1979 Fianna Fáil

Charles Haughey 1979-1981 Died 2006) Fianna Fáil

Garret Fitzgerald 1981-1982 Fine Gael

Charles Haughey (Died 2006) 1982 Fianna Fáil

Garret Fitzgerald 1982-1987 Fine Gael

Charles Haughey (Died 2006) 1987-1992 Fianna Fáil

Albert Reynolds 1992-1994 Fianna Fáil

John Bruton 1994-1997 Fine Gael

Bertie Ahern 1997-2008 Fianna Fáil

Brian Cowen 2008 - Present Fianna Fáil

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