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I think the tourist-board ads and guidebooks overlook alot of things that make MODERN Ireland fascinating. Below is a list of our articles about Irish life and culture today.

I met an Irishman who told me that, when he was growing up in Galway in the 1950's, his familiy used to watch the "Lucy" show from America. Lucy always had a refrigerator full of food. He used to argue with his brothers about whether or not this was accurate -- families in American couldn't really have that much food, could they?

There's a whole generation in Ireland that grew up with half-empty refrigerators. Their kids, in contrast, know only a world where the Irish economy is red-hot, and jetting off to Australia for 10 days is no big deal.

I hope you enjoy these stories about how the past and present live side-by-side in modern Ireland.
-Robert Sullivan

The Craic is Mighty
The Irish are always talking about it - but have a surprisingly hard time defining it.

Return to Belfast
I hadn't been back to Belfast since finishing university there 2000. Some things have improved, but some things never seem to change.

Guinness Can't Kick That Low-Alcohol Habit
The venerable old brewer is finding it takes alot of creativity to keep young Irish people drinking the brown stuff.

Two City Slickers in Donegal
Even if you're Irish, moving to the remote Northwest involves some culture shock.

Lawsuit Crazy in Ireland
Lawyers get called in on every fender-bender and stubbed toe, as The Irish pick up one of America's worst habits.

Finding a Dream Home - It's Purely a Dream
Our writer in Dublin is gripped by the new Irish dream of home ownership, but feels the Celtic Tiger's bite.

Old Laws In A New Land
Young Irish barrister and politician Ivana Bacik talks about the many odd, archaic laws that affect life in modern Ireland.

A Collection of Art Robberies
Russborough House, "the most beautiful home in Ireland," is a favorite of art thieves.

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