Ireland Fun Facts
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Ireland Fun Facts Book - Our great little book of interesting facts about Ireland, Irish proverbs and Irish quotations.

Irish Quotes - Interesting and amusing quotes about Ireland today and yesterday.

Easter Traditions of Ireland - Cake dances, holy water and herring parades are all part of Ireland's Easter rituals.

Meagher Of The Sword - Thomas Meagher made a name for himself as an eccentric but successful military leader on both sides of the Atlantic.

Irish Wedding Traditions Involving Food - Dancing nuts and magic apple peels are holdovers from an era when Irish matchmaking was a very serious business.

Oscar Wilde Quotes - The wit and wisdom of Ireland's most outrageous mind.

George Berard Shaw Quotes - Some amusing observations by the famous dramatist and social commentator.

Irish Golf Quotes - Quotes and wisecracks on the strange game of golf by everyone from Barry Fitzgerald to Tiger Woods.

Irish Proverbs - The wit and wisdom of the Irish.

Celtic Halloween - The holiday that Ireland gave to America.

What Was The Real Saint Patrick Like? - An in-depth look at the man behind the worldwide legend.

Celtic Knot Meanings - Old designs get lots of new interepretations in the modern world.

Glossary of Irish Music Terms - Definitions of jigs, reels and instruments used in traditional Celtic music.

Little Women's Christmas - Ireland's traditional "girls night out" still lives on.

The Irish Art of Borrowing - Homeowners say hello to the hundred per cent mortgage.

Guinness Can't Kick That Low-Alcohol Habit - The venerable old brewer is finding it takes alot of creativity to keep young Irish people drinking the brown stuff.

Irish Political Science - Think American politics are wacky? Read this account of a campaign in the Irish countryside in the 1970's.

Old Irish Laws - A modern society collides with some very archaic laws still on its books.

Two City Slickers in Donegal - Even if you're born in Ireland, moving to rural Donegal involves some culture shock.

Aran Island Halloween - A strange silence prevails.

Two Very Different Traditionalists - "Down the Line" by Ciaran Tourish and "Wayward Son" by John Doyle.

Hurling for Pride - An American lacrosse player takes a shot an Ireland's roughest game.

Shrove Tuesday - Ireland's pancake night is a sweet, sweet celebration.

Queen of the Pirates - In the 1500's, Grace O'Malley commanded a crew of 200 men, robbing ships off the Irish coast.

The CRAIC is mighty! - The Irish talk about "craic" all the time. But they have a tough time defining it.

Backstage with John Doyle, guitarist - Ireland's lead guitarist talks about music, modern Ireland and playing three gigs on Saint Patrick's Day.

Donal Clancy's New Approach to Irish Guitar - The son of one of the famous Clancy Brothers takes his own very unique approach to traditional songs on his first solo CD (review).

Bilberry Sunday - Few in Ireland still remember this old festival of food and courtship in mid-summer.

The Cost of a Home in Ireland - For most young people, a dream home is just that - purely a dream.

Lawsuits Ireland - Welcome to Ireland's new "compo culture," where every fender-bender causes a lawsuit.

A Great Collection of Russborough Art Robberies - Russborough House in Wicklow is a favorite of art thieves.

Calling From Heaven on Cell Phones - You won't believe where the Irish want to take their mobile phones.

Master of the Irish Fiddle and a Great Guitarist - Review of CD by ace fiddler Liz Carroll and John Doyle.

Donegal Fiddler Oisin McAuley - In impressive debut by a player who bends all the rules.

Return to Belfast - A university graduate returns after a five year absence, to find that some things change and some things never do.

Christmas Plum Pudding - A high-calorie treat that's still very popular in Ireland. Includes recipe.

The Derryveagh Evictions - A much darker side to the history of Glenveagh Castle.