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Here's a selection of free celtic cross clipart to use in your design projects. To the best of our knowledge, all these examples of celtic cross clip art are in the public domain, and have been released for free unlimited usage by the designers.

Instructions: To download these celtic crosses to your computer (they're all .jpegs), put your cursor over the picture, right click, select "save as" and then save to the location you want on your computer.

Simple Celtic Cross Clipart, black & white:
celtic cross clipart

Basic Celtic Cross in Color:
irish cross clip art

This piece of free Irish clip art is an unusual combination of an old celtic cross pattern with the inclusion of "triquetras," a pagan symbol found in rune stones in Northern Europe:
celtic cross graphic

A Celtic Cross clipart piece with the classic "moon high cross" design, seen in so many place across the Irish landscape:
free irish clipart

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