Velkim to Dooblan

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The Irish have better things to do nowadays
than make up your hotel bed

It’s hardly news anymore that people are immigrating to, rather than emigrating from, Ireland in droves. Visitors to the Emerald Isle are starting to notice an effect of this, particularly at big city hotels and restaurants. Those charming Irish chambermaids and waiters of past eras are being replaced by foreigners with strange accents. The Irish are simply too wealthy to accept such low-paying jobs. “When we were in Dublin, we kept asking each other, ‘Where are these people from, anyway?” says Loretta, a friend just back from the old sod. “Most waiters at the restaurants didn’t seem to speak English,” she added. EU expansion has opened Ireland to workers, particularly from Eastern Europe. And while it’s still easy for the self-guided traveler to visit a pub and chat with locals, package tour travelers may find fewer chances to interface with Irish people.