Mad ill t shirts by lobax

What the h*#*! is Lobax?

It's got nothing to do with Ireland - but young Bill, the genius of the family, came up with a line of great t shirts we thought would interest you. Bill called his company Lobax. I don't know what it means, but it sounds good. Here's Lobax's manifesto:

lobaxLobax was established in the year 2005 by very intelligent kids names Travis Scott and Billy Charles. Although Travis and Billy were both born into poverty-stricken families, they pushed themselves to their greatest potentials. Throughout their lives the two of them have managed to climb the financial infrastructure of America and received scholarships to world luminous universities. Today Travis and Billy are recognized world-wide for their amazing clothing manufacturing. Lobax is not only the trendiest clothing imaginable, but it also supports an important cause, which you can read about on our "About" page.

Represent Lobax Hardcore!!!

LOBAX is the deal and that's a fact, ask for some stickers and slap them all over the place like all the cool kids do.

Education of our founders:

Travis - Boston University , Johns Hopkins University and Majored in Molecular Biology

Billy - Boston University , Dartmouth University and Majored in Nuclear Physics