About LOBax


We decided to create LOBaX Clothing Company after our close freind Jason passed away due to a tragic automobile accident. We decided that the clothing profits would go towards supporting his mother, grandmother, and sister's bank loans which Jason was struggling to pay off.lobax t shirts

Unfortunatly, Jason was the only member of his family who was capible working. His mother has a mysterious disease that causes progressive weakness and degeneration of the skeletal muscles that control movement. His grandmother now 84 and in a wheel chair, and his sister turning 6 this December. Jason always worked very hard towards supporting his family and were not gonna let the remaining members of his family fall apart because an individual was wrecklessly traveling intoxicated at speeds of 97 mph on the expressway.

Rest In Peace Jason Lobaxton, you lived a wonderful life full of great memories which sadly ended because of another's wreckless actions but we all will be united again in heaven.
We love you Jason,

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